This is what real push hands are like

Chen Xu in Prague 2019

This is what real Taiji Push Hands looks like. Incredible understanding of body mechanics by Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua to counter the incoming force. He can instantly analyze the incoming force and find the dot to not fight, but create a different force that can not be stopped.


Published by 陈中华

关于 陈中华陈式太极拳第十九代传人(亦作11代),陈式太极拳实用拳法海外掌门人,陈式混元太极拳二代传人。1979年起从洪均生宗师习陈氏太极拳实用拳法,1996年起从冯志强宗师习陈氏混元太极拳,为两位宗师入室弟子。 拳、剑、刀、杆俱精,推手技击出神入化,常发人于无形,堪称观止。生徒遍及近百三十国家地区,著述及译著丰富。

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